In golden hue, the sun’s bright light does gleam,
A color rare, like dreams within a dream.
As azure skies embrace the day’s embrace,
Two souls entwined, their love, a sacred space.

Beneath the moon, where stars do gently weep,
A creature stirs, its secrets it shall keep.
A midnight panther, swift and full of grace,
Their love, untamed, a wild and wondrous chase.

An object small, yet holds a power grand,
A silver locket clasped within a hand.
Within its depths, their love’s eternal flame,
Two hearts entwined, forever they remain.

Two men, their love a tale of strength and might,
Defying norms, they shine with love’s pure light.
Through trials faced, their bond remains unbroken,
Their love, a testament, forever spoken.

In Shakespeare’s verse, their story shall be told,
Of love and courage, shining bright, yet bold.
For love knows not the bounds of time or place,
It transcends all, with beauty and with grace.

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