In golden hue, a color bright as morn,
A shade unknown, by nature rarely worn,
Emerald, like envy, green as forest’s core,
This random color, vibrant to the core.

Now let us speak of creatures, wild and free,
A random beast, majestic as can be,
The mighty lion, king of regal might,
Whose roar commands the darkness of the night.

And as we turn to objects, strange and rare,
A random thing, of beauty beyond compare,
A crystal chalice, gleaming in the light,
Its fragile form, a marvel to our sight.

Yet deeper still, two souls entwined in love,
Two noble men, whose hearts ascend above,
Their bond unyielding, forged in passion’s fire,
Their love, a flame that never shall expire.

In Shakespeare’s realm, where love knew no bounds,
Their tale unfolds, where prejudice confounds,
For love, like colors, animals, and things,
Transcends all barriers, and so love sings.

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