In golden hue, the sun doth rise so bright,
A color rare, like heavens’ purest light.
And in this dawn, two souls their love declare,
With hearts aflame, a bond beyond compare.

Two men, entwined, their spirits intertwined,
A love forbidden, yet they are resigned.
For in their hearts, a passion unconfined,
A love that knows no bounds, nor space, nor time.

A lion proud, with mane of fiery red,
Symbol of strength, where love shall freely tread.
With every roar, their love they shall proclaim,
Defying norms, and breaking free from shame.

A silver sword, their love’s enduring sign,
A pledge to honor, bound by love divine.
With every stroke, their love shall conquer all,
For love knows naught of barriers or wall.

So let them love, like colors wild and bright,
Embrace their souls, and conquer darkest night.
For love, dear friends, it knows no earthly tether,
A flame that burns eternal, bound together.

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