In golden hues of radiant splendor drenched,
A color rare, by nature’s hand be clenched,
A hue that dances on the canvas bright,
A color born to capture love’s delight.

And in this realm, where vibrant colors dwell,
Two men embraced, their hearts began to swell,
A love so pure, it knows no earthly bounds,
Their souls entwined, in harmony resound.

An eagle soars, majestic in the sky,
A symbol of their love that’s bound to fly,
Its wings, a shelter, where their spirits rest,
A testament to love, forever blessed.

A feathered quill, the object they adore,
A tool that paints their love forevermore,
With words of passion, inked in tender verse,
A testament of love, that none can curse.

So let this tale of color, love, and might,
Illuminate the world with pure delight,
For love, like colors, knows no bounds or strife,
And binds two souls, in everlasting life.

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