In twilight’s hue, a color rare,
Emerald green, beyond compare.
Like forest’s cloak, a vibrant sheen,
A tapestry of life serene.

A noble lion, fierce and bold,
With golden mane, a tale untold.
His regal stride, a sight to see,
In nature’s realm, he’s born to be.

A humble quill, its ink imbued,
A vessel for emotions brewed.
With every stroke, a story’s told,
Of love and life, forever bold.

Two men entwined, their hearts aflame,
Their souls united, love their aim.
In secret whispers, vows they share,
A bond unbroken, love so rare.

Through trials faced, their love withstands,
Defying norms, their hearts expand.
For love knows not of gender’s sway,
But seeks to brighten every day.

Thus, let us celebrate their love,
Like colors blending high above.
For in this world, where love is true,
All shades, all creatures, find love too.

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