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I am at least 18 years of age, or of legal age in my area to view adult oriented material and that I am entering this web site (Chubnet -- The Wide Spot on the Web!, herein after referred to as "web site") with full knowledge that it contains adult oriented material.

To the best of my knowledge, the viewing, reading and downloading of the images in this web site do not violate the standards of my community, village, city, town, county, state, province or country.

The sexually explicit material I am accessing here is for my own personal use and isn't to be viewed by minors or anyone else but myself. I will not share, or otherwise post this material for anyone else to view without the express written permission of Chubnet Production Co.

I will not permit minors to view this material at any time. I understand that the use of image grabbing software will result in the immediate cancellation of my membership without any refund or credit for unused membership time.

I am, and agree to be held wholly liable for any false disclosures and responsible for any legal ramifications that may arise from viewing, reading or downloading images or other material contained within this web site.

I understand that the web site owners have no responsibility for server crashes, computer malfunctions, errors in transmission or any other technical problems that would unlikely arise. I understand that my computer's ability to properly view the images and material on the web site is my responsibility.

I understand that my membership is not transferrable and not refundable. If I sell, trade or disclose my user name and password, my account will be closed immediately and I will forfeit my access without refund or credit.

I understand that as a convenience to me the owners of the web site will automatically renew my membership on the 20th day of the month of expiration. I also understand that I can cancel my membership at any time, thereby ending my access to the web site on the designated expiration date, by sending an e-mail to, and giving my full name, user id and password. I further understand that my request will be acknowledged, with the expiration date defined. If for some reason my request is not acknowledged I will contact the publishers of the web site again to ensure that my wish to cancel is complied with.

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