Membership gets you all of this!

Streaming Videos

Every Chubnet member is entitled to enter our streaming video theater and watch to their heart's content. There are now 26 venues, each containing four full-length, professionally produced videos. Take a look to your right for the offerings. Each venue contains 4 feature length videos. That equals 104 different films -- new every month (or more often). If you budget your time, that is 3.47 videos per day. Chubnet Membership is easy to obtain, and very inexpensive. To check it out, visit our store!. One full year of access costs only $50.00! If you prefer, you can join for 6 months at $25.00 or 3 months for $15.00. That's 16 cents per video per month!

Pay Per View

In addition to our Streaming Videos, we offer a portal to thousands of great videos. Many are newly produced and some are "oldies", but all are entertaining. Truly, there is something for everyone. You can check it out here! The account is free to open but there is a nominal charge to view the movies.

What will the future bring?

"Home Brewed Videos":Within the next few weeks we'll be posting some of our collection of "home made" videos. For now they are mostly solo jerk-offs, but fun!. Some will be edited and others will be just raw video. We think you will enjoy them. We do. If you have a video you'd like to see on the site, contact us. We'll give you instructions on where to upload it or how to mail it to us. Of course, your video will earn you free membership time.
Video Chat: We're shopping around for a video chat piece to add to the site. We'd like something small and intimate Where you all can get together and chat or whatever. We prefer the "whatever" ourselves!
Photos:As you might guess, we have thousands of photos from the old Chubnet galleries. We'll give you a look at some of those in the near future as well. Of course, if you'd like to submit some new photos, we'll be happy to include those too. We could go out and "steal" them like others do, but we won't stoop that low.